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Professional Writing Services

Blue Buckle Marketing is proud to be able to offer professional writers for your business needs.  Below you will see our packages for you to choose from to have professional and relevent articles written for your website.

Why do I need articles on my website?

Professional Writer woman writing articles for H-P Web Solutions

Unfortunately, websites do not self-generate traffic.  The saying many Americans became so familiar with from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come," does not apply to websites. The truth is, generating online traffic to your website takes a consistent and proactive effort much the same as it does to generate business to your company using your offline methods.  One of the best ways to generate traffic is to have indexable content on your website.  Search engines send out "spiders" to crawl over the world wide web, automated information seekers that report back to the search engines and tell them what they found.  That way, if they found information about Pez candies on your website, when someone types in "Pez candies" into a search engine it will know to send them to your website.  If you have very little content or articles on your website, it will be extremely difficult to get qualified natural visitors onto your website.  As a result, your website does not pay off the way it should and could.

Everybody wins!

Having Blue Buckle Marketing handle all of your article writing with our professional writers is a great way to increase the natural traffic going to your website as the new content on your website gets indexed by search engines over time.  It is also a way to keep your visitors coming back as you continually add content and it provides a valuable service to your clients or customers by providing them with relevent information that is useful for them.  It is no mistake that Blue Buckle Marketing provides so many free business articles for you via our articles library navigation.  When we do this, everybody wins!

Why use Blue Buckle Marketing to write your articles:

1. To keep you focused on what you do best; running your business.

2. We have Americans writing your articles.  Many other companies use non-native speakers of the English language and often pay them so little to write that they lack any incentive to put forth 100% effort.

3. Quick turn-around times compared to other companies.

4. We are VERY competitively priced!  No need to pay professional writers $70+ dollars an hour to write for you!

5. We are also an SEO company - which means that we understand how to generate written content that search engines love!

Something for everyone!  Choose from one of our packages below!

For each pack you buy an article will be posted to your website once per week to keep your website looking fresh, updated, and alive.  It will also give you the greatest benefit in terms of search engine indexing and will keep your visitors coming back.

$60/each OR...

12 pack - $599 - SAVE $121!

24 pack - $1140 - SAVE $300!

36 pack - $1620 - SAVE $540!


CALL 1-888-774-7932 TO SIGN UP TODAY!