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About Blue Buckle Marketing

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Having Blue Buckle Marketing represent your company's Internet presence is the first step to a successful web site and online presence. We strive to provide all of our customers with excellent customer service and perform all website updates in a timely and reasonable manner.  We encourage you to contact any of our customers for a reference.


Below is some information on some of the key players on the Blue Buckle Marketing team.  Get to know a little about us and our backgrounds.  When you're done, go ahead and contact us to get involved in your project.  You'll be a welcome addition to the Blue Buckle Family!


Anthony Church - Head Manager
Anthony Church brings a host of talents to Blue Buckle Marketing. As an owner of multiple small businesses he brings practical managerial experience and helps keep the Blue Buckle Marketing team together and working on customer's needs.  With degrees in Psychology and Business management he is an effective communicator to everyone involved in a project and knows how to get things done.  His training is in general and organizational psychology, leadership, communication, and business management.  When he is not working you will probably catch him reading or writing. His bookcase is overflowing and contains books and other publications on a wide range of topics that match his interests including American and presidential history, politics, philosophy, business, astronomy, psychology, and of course, some fiction works ranging from old Shakespearian classics, Voltaire, Sophocles, all the way up to Fitzgerald, Hemmingway, and more.

Jonathan Church - Project Manager
Jonathan Church is a Computer Science guru.  Having attended the University of Binghamton and worked in many other settings for large multi-national corporations such as Silicon Solar there is not much that he cannot do.  Because of this he has become known to us as the Wizard of Blue Buckle Marketing.  He is knowledgeable in optimizing websites so that they attain the greatest amount of attention from search engines like Google and Yahoo!. He is also trained in database management, dynamic web development, and e-commerce methodologies.  When he is not working you will usually find him reading about programming, which he cannot get enough of, or quoting lines from his favorite movie, Office Space.

Jim Henson - Head of Web Design & Digital Media Development

Jim Henson has been with us from the very beginning and is the comedian in the company.  Always quick with a funny joke his humor helps keep everything in perspective.  His award-winning design work is top notch.  Jim is able to effectively create visually stunning websites that not only look good but have a high level of functionality for the visitors, engage visitors, and appeal to the visitor's emotional needs.  Jim is fully trained in the full Adobe Suite of design software and has more experience in design than Anthony has in total years of life!  Jim is also a freelance writer and is known for the screen plays he has written, including Truck Stop and many other greats!

Kevin Ostrowski - Head of Print Marketing and Advertising Design
Kevin Ostrowski is an experienced young print marketing designer and the latest addition to the Blue Buckle Team.  He brings with him print design experience across a wide range of print media.  Having graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Kevin received a forward-thinking education, learning about hte newest software programs and working on the latest equipment.  He began his career designing advertisements and doing page layouts at a newspaper in Southeastern Connecticut, worked briefly for a marketing agency out of Foxboro, Massachussetts and is now a part of the Blue Buckle Team where he spends his time working on everything from logos to event and product posters, POS displays, brochures, newsletters, restaurant menus and other forms of print marketing.  Not much for sleep, he usually spends his free time keeping up on current events, politics, and participating in an active lifestyle which includes sports and travel.