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Website Hosting

Blue Buckle Marketing is happy to offer an affordable website hosting solution.  Unlike other web design companies that charge 30, 40, or 50 dollars a month to host your website with them, we offer affordable web hosting at prices that make sense for business.  Why host with us?  First, the servers we use are some of the most reliable you can host your website on with a 99.9% (100% is unheard of in the industry) uptime guarantee.  That means your business is online when it needs to be so that you have maximum exposure to website visitors and avoid looking bad when your visitors find that your website is offline.  Second, by signing up for web hosting with us we can update and work on your projects more efficiently since our servers are some of the fastest in the industry.  We can access your content and files more quickly, thus decreasing the amount of time it takes to complete your web development projects.  That is more money in your pocket for you to reinvest into making your business even better.  It's a win-win... all of our Hudson Valley and national website hosting clients simply love our hosting!

Blue Buckle web hosting has gone green! HP Web Solutions Hosting for Websites and web design services

Blue Buckle Marketing prides itself on its efforts to protect the environment and we take care to be friendly to our environment. All of our web hosting servers are powered and cooled by wind power generated in the great state of Texas!  Click here to read more about how we are having a positive impact on our environment and the effects of using environmentally-friendly web hosting servers!

Hosting Details- 500 mb disk space | 3000 mb bandwidth
1 Month Price - $14.95
3 Month Price - $14.16 (save 5%)
6 Month Price - $13.46 (save 10%)
12 Month Price - $12.71 (save 15%)


*Note: For clients that like to keep a copy of all e-mails on their server additional disk space is available for purchase at the rate of $1.50/mo for each additional Gigabyte of space required.  That's only $18/year!


What is Web Hosting?

When we say we will provide you with web hosting, what we mean is that we will store your website’s data on our servers, and when a visitor wants to look at your site, our web servers will send the data to that visitor so he or she can view it in their web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox).   Actually there is more to it, but that is the basic concept.  We also guarantee 99.9% uptime, so you know that your site will always be available to your visitors and never be down, as well as provide a host of software packages and site security measures. 

Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

Every website you visit on the internet is stored on a computer (called a server) somewhere.  When you type a website address into your web browser, what you are really doing is asking for the data that represents that website to be sent from a specific computer (i.e. a web server) somewhere in the world to your web browser.  If you don’t buy web hosting, your website will not be available on the internet for everybody to see.   When you have an e-commerce web store with a fresh new web design, the last thing you want to do is keep it from your customers.

What Is Bandwidth?

When talking about web hosting, bandwidth is a measure of the amount of data the web server (the web hosting provider’s computers) will send during a specified period of time, usually monthly.  So if the pages on your website are of medium size, say 25 kilobytes, then with 3000MB of bandwidth per month, you can show 120,000 pages per month without a problem.  If you need further help with choosing the right amount of bandwidth for your website, please feel free to give us a call or send us a message through the contact form.

What is Disk Space?

Disk space is the amount of space available to you to store the files that make up your website.  If you have a web hosting plan that allows you to use 500MB of disk space, you can store about 20,000 website sized images on your web host’s computers.  Please contact us if you have any questions  about  web hosting disk space.

Call 1-888-774-7932 today and we'll set you up with one of our hosting plans!